Dear Sarah Dessen,

The first book I read of yours, Someone Like You, I found in a $2.00 bin at Walmart. I was maybe 13 years old. My teacher got annoyed with my mother for letting me read it because it discussed teen pregnancy, and my mom laughed at her because it was not the first or the last…

The Strangers

Title: The Strangers
Word Count: 1059 Words
Summary: You’ve spent your entire life seeing each other on the playground, in the hallways, in classes, and thinking you knew each other. You thought of each other as friends, or at least friendly, for a time. But when you sit across from each other, you realize the only thing you know about each other is when you’ve been in the same place at the same time.

Metaphors for Burning

your lungs are filled with smoke and ash the flames around you lick your flesh and climb the curtains like devilish kittens but when you reach your fingers out and grasp your friend’s sleeve and you gasp at her, you’re choking she just pats you on the back and tells you to breathe. but the…

Scrawled in the Margins (A Perspective Study)

They’re suffocating me with their definitions of love, half-formed and mismatched. My pages ache from the nights when their hearts hurt too much with the weight of the things they think they know and the things they don’t realize they haven’t learned. There are tears were their shaking hands pressed too hard in their fury….


It’s in the back of your head
as you pull the blanket up over a long day,
stress pounding in your ears
like a heavy bass.

Last Call

Title: Last Call
Word count: 4342 words
Summary: Arlen works as a 9-11 dispatcher until a particularly distressing phone call changes his life forever.

Thrill of the Chase

“Henry was an exhausting human.

But he had his good qualities. He always knew exactly the spots Max loved to be scratched—and avoided the ones he did not. He left sherpa throws, folded sherpa-side up, in Max’s favorite sleeping spots. And, unlike Cara, he only bought Max’s favorite flavors of his favorite treats. He even knew to get the soft chews, and to skip the cans of shredded stuff.”

Dear Readers,

Have you ever read how-to guides for blogging? If you haven’t, I’ll give you a few of the highlights: Make an introduction post. Create a posting calendar. Stick to that calendar. It should be broken down to the hourly, with your posts scheduled to optimal times of day for maximum chance of exposure determined by…

The Fool

I’ll catch you, he whispered. jump. his voice burned her ears like the whiskey in her throat. his fingers reached up for her pale against the dark asphalt of the ground below. it’ll be fine. don’t you trust me? he would not wait much longer. she sat on the wall first before she pushed herself…

This Isn’t a Poem About You.

I used to constantly remind you
to pick up your clothes, the groceries,
a movie.
I wonder
if you would have loved me
if I’d picked the movies,
the restaurant,
anything that would have created a memory
you might miss.

Pisces (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

I am drowning in Happiness, sadness, anger Feelings that aren’t mine I can’t separate Them from me, and the noise is Overwhelming me. Then you covered my Ears with your hands. For the first Time, it is quiet.