30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 6)

Day 6: Five ways to win your heart

For my birthday,
give me a copy of your favorite book
and tell me to guess your favorite characters.
Highlight your favorite passages
and at the very end of the book,
include a letter about why it’s your favorite,
who recommended it to you,
why you still remember it,
why you’ll never let it go.

When a toddler hands you a toy,
get on your knees and play with him.
When a baby holds up their hands to you,
lift them up like an airplane.
Trust your ability to be gentle.

Invite me over to marathon your favorite show.
Pile the couch with pillows and blankets,
and crowd the coffee table with snacks and drinks
so we only have to get up for bathroom breaks.

I’m sorry that I’ll fall asleep,
but please don’t be mad at me.
In the morning, greet me with coffee mugs in hand:
one for you, and one for me.
We can pick up where we left off the night before.

Text me at one in the morning.
We’ll go to the diner and share stories
that always sound too silly, too personal
while the sun is still shining
and eat food that never tastes as good
in the morning.

When we’re in a crowd,
find my eyes when I’m not the one talking.
look for my reaction
(because I’ll be looking for yours).
When I move next to you,
put your arm around me
like reaching out for me is as natural as breathing.


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