30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 10)

Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly.

There are people who claim that animals are mindless creatures with no means of communicating or understanding. They believe animals have no personalities or preferences. (And yet, somehow, believe they are still capable of understanding spite and expressing it by vomiting in your shoes.)

These are the same sort of individual which believes people who do not speak their native language are dumb, lazy, and incompetent. They’re the individuals with every crazy ex girlfriend, ex roommate, bitch sister.

Some might say that’s quite a leap from A to Z, but I don’t think the gap is so wide. After all, they are insisting that anything that doesn’t communicate in their default preference can’t communicate at all. Meanwhile, they make no effort to learn how to communicate via someone else’s preferences. They don’t try to learn a couple key words to make their interaction with a person easier. Much like they attribute the vomit to spite, they attribute any criticism as lashing out.

Girls cry because they’re on their periods. Men snap off because they’re hungry. Children cry to annoy them. Girlfriends walk away for no reason.

It must be something wrong with them, they’ll say. I didn’t do anything!

Except buy a different food every week, upsetting the cat’s stomach. Come home at a different hour every night, confusing the dog. Refuse to play because they’re not in the mood and wonder why the dog chewed through their bed cushion. Forget to change the litter box and find piss and shit on the floor. Get scratched or bitten and dismiss the cat as crazy, the dog as aggressive, when a tail had been angrily thwapping on the floor for several minutes while the ears had been flat back on the head.

The animals are trying to communicate with you. Close your mouth, open your eyes, and pay attention.


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