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30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 14)

Day 14: Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching.

I’m more of a show-marathoner than a movie connoisseur. If I’m in the mood and have the time to listen, I tend to have something on while I’m doing other things to the side (like writing). Some of my favorite movies are:

  1. Aladdin
  2. The Amazing Spider-man
  3. Avengers
  4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  5. Finding Nemo
  6. Iron Man
  7. Moana
  8. Moulin Rouge
  9. Treasure Planet
  10. Zootopia


I want to help children find autonomy, teenagers find themselves, and adults find compassion through the written word. I hold a B.A. in Creative writing and a dream of seeing my name on a book cover one day.

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