30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 16)

Day 16: Something that you miss

Growing up, I was terrible with

Such an ominous, weighted word
for a few sheets of paper
and pencil scribbles
and eraser shavings.

When five minutes still felt like
next Friday never seemed to arrive
until it did
in a flurry of Thursday nights.

I spent Friday mornings
having homework for breakfast,
curled over my worksheets on the bus
where homework was forbidden.
“It’s in the word,” teachers would tell me
but I was already relaxing
into the comfort of Next Friday.

Time is more precious to me now,
something to be rationed, not guzzled.

But despite my lists,
my notes,
my incessant alarms,
I find I am constantly rushing
frantically scribbling blueprints for solutions,
panting as I reach the bus stop
only to find
I have already missed
my opportunity.


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