30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 18)

Day 18: Post 30 facts about yourself.

  1. I work at a public library.
  2. I forget to eat a lot. I get distracted, or it just doesn’t occur to me.
  3. So I have a lot of friends who I associate with food because they make it a habit to feed me first when we meet up.
  4. They’re also really good cooks, which is fortunate because I am not.
  5. I like menial tasks because I can see exactly how much I’ve done at the end.
  6. I crochet. I’ve gotten a lot better in the last few years because I met some friends in college who crocheted and encouraged me to pick it back up and make more than octopuses.
  7. I have a lot of regrets about my college experience (For example, I think I would have benefited from a gap year, since I only went because I didn’t have a better plan when my parents asked. As such, I didn’t think a lot of things through because I didn’t have a goal to begin with.) but I don’t regret going. I met my best friends through college.
  8. I like the idea of minimalism in theory, but blank spaces make me anxious. Especially walls.
  9. I like having specific tools designed for specific tasks. It feels like a luxury. (Another reason why I’m not very good at minimalism.)
  10. I’m frustrating to make plans with because “I want to see you!” is about as far as I get most of the time.
  11. My mother jokes that the last time I was late was my birthday. I’m chronically early.
  12. I can read some French and German (I probably couldn’t create a perfectly conjugated translation, but I can grasp the idea of what’s being discussed.) but I can’t speak it or understand it very well out loud.
  13. But most of my grammar instruction was in French class, so I get a little confused trying to explain some concepts in English. (I usually know the French word, get startled when I realize that two words in English mean the same thing as 6 different words in French, and I don’t understand people who say passive tense is grammatically incorrect.)
  14. I think astrology and tarot are really neat concepts. The question of faith aside, I find they’re useful tools for shifting my perspective about situations that I’m struggling to move forward with.
  15. I used to be really tech savvy, but I think I’ve gotten lazy and impatient. Just call me grandma.
  16. Seriously. I’m the grandma friend. I usually have some form of candy on hand, carry a first aid kit in my purse, and make cookies when I’m sad.
  17. Autumn is my favorite season: favorite colors, favorite food, favorite weather.
  18. I use pet names for everyone. Honey, sweetie, dear, love, heart…
  19. I don’t really know how to talk about myself except in the anecdotal sense. I tell a lot of stories trying to make people laugh.
  20. I’m a Hufflepuff.
  21. I think if I were a demigod in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson universe, I’d probably be a child of Ares. I’m not sure if I’d be proud of that.
  22. My music taste is very eclectic. Spotify never really knows what to throw at me.
  23. In first grade, a boy I was friends with named Jesse brought raw honey comb in for the entire class. It’s still one of my favorite things, even though I don’t get to have it very often.
  24. I love snacks. It’s hard to get me to sit still long enough to focus on a meal unless someone’s sitting with me, and then I don’t shut up long enough to eat.
  25. I throw myself into socializing and then disappear for four months, usually in the winter. There is very little worth enduring the cold, wet darkness for.
  26. I like the idea of snow more than snow days themselves. This is a common theme in my life. I like the idea of things.
  27. I am a blanket collector. I have several bins of them, and when I’m sad I dump them all out and make a nest to burrow into.
  28. I think everyone should collect things that remind them of things that make them happy, be it people, places, or whatever.
  29. I hate wearing socks even though my feet are always cold.
  30. In the summer, I’ll stay in the woods from dawn to dusk as long as I have water and a book. There are lots of state parks near me, so I dedicate summers to learning the trails.

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