30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 20)

Day 20: Write about 3 celebrity crushes.

Natalie Dormer, I constantly experience the urge to poke your nose. It’s an adorable nose. I want to know if you would laugh, head thrown back, or if you would wrinkle your nose and squint your eyes and shake your head like my fingertip was a raindrop that landed on your nose.

Chris Evans, I would love just once to be the person who makes you laugh so hard that you fall over. Your laughter is infectious. Your Twitter has me convinced that you really are Steve Rogers.

Nina Dobrev, you would dance circles around me, but I would love the opportunity to dance with you. No event, no witnesses. Just you and me in a studio, with the music so loud we have to glance in the mirror to see if the other one is laughing. Or instead of a studio, a beach at night (Your Instagram has me convinced you really did get heaven for your birthday.), and the waves can be our soundtrack and we can dance where the water meets the sand. Thank you for reminding me to have fun, even when I’m working.


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