30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 26)

Day 26: Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve.

I don’t know how to forgive.

I know how to hold my breath,
let my lungs burn
with fighting words
let the words shrivel, choke
on the smoke.

I know how to hold my fists
tight against the sides of my thighs
fingernails digging into my palms
bloody little graves
for every opinion
I did not articulate,
for every desire
I left tied up in the New England winter
to freeze
never knowing
that I could not afford
to care.

I know how to count
backwards from ten:

I do not know what to do
when I run out of numbers,
out of breath,
out of love,
out of patience.
I do not know what it’s like
to open my mouth
and let the fire of my rage
burn them like dragonflame
to open my palms
and let my opinions soar
without crushing their butterfly wings

I do not know how to forgive
for all the dreams
I have abandoned
for all the feelings
I smothered with pillows
because I didn’t want
to make noise
I didn’t want
to offend
I didn’t want
to find out
that they didn’t love me.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 26)

    1. Thank you! Some days have definitely been easier than others.

      I will say what I liked about this particular challenge was that some of the days required very little creative effort (like the music list, the 30 random personal facts, etc) which meant they only asked me to show up. And the ones that did require more time, at least didn’t have strict formatting requirements which was why I chose to stick to free verse poetry.

      And even then, some days I just didn’t want to show up.

      I tend to surf social media while I’m waking up, so I decided to incorporate it into that part of my daily routine.


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