About Kristin Silvia


24 – Cancer sun, Aries moon – INTJ (“The Defender”)

None of those things mean anything, of course, unless they mean something to you. Words matter because we give them meaning. Stories matter because we give them meaning. I believe that there is no such thing as a bad story, only storytellers who haven’t found the right tools to craft with yet.

I am a hoarder of stories. My room is lined with bookshelves. My kindle is fit to bursting, always in my purse, and always with 15% battery. Netflix is the first pinned tab on Chrome. I have never used all the pages in a journal before starting a new one. I have a box of bookmarks that are never around when I need them, so I dog-ear pages sometimes and stuff receipts and rewards cards between pages other times.

I read, of course. I write, obviously (a task made slightly harder by two young cats). I crochet (also made difficult by cats) and occasionally dabble in other crafts. I’m interested in photography, graphic and web design, and enjoy teaching myself new skills and programs. And when that gets frustrating, I walk it off in the woods and collect rocks and other shiny things.

Kristin Silvia is a creative writer. She graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a BA in Professional Writing.