Aquarius (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

You, me, and Dodgeball: My body will be your shield. May your aim be true. You and I could build A dynasty, and you could Be a mighty king. I would be your queen. Our dynasty will be the Rhodium Era.

Capricorn (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

I know it’s cliche But I want the world for you And I will get it. The rivers will flow, Trees will grow, flowers will Bloom and wind will cool. I will win it all, I will buy it, charm it all Just to see your smile.

Sagittarius (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

I only took your Hand to help you jump down from The ledge without fear. You weren’t supposed to Fall in love. I didn’t want You to fall at all. There are so many Places to love in this lifetime Don’t waste love on me.

Libra (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

I don’t want to fight, But in trying to avoid one, I might have picked one. My hesitation Mistaken for indifference… I just need to think. I wanted to find The perfect words for you but “I’m sorry,” will do.

Scorpio (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

Do you remember The story of the Frog and The Scorpion’s tail? The Scorpion asked The Frog why she trusted her When she couldn’t change? Why do you trust me When you know my sting can kill And I can’t help it?

Virgo (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

I left the light on. Text me when you’re heading home. I wish you were here. When did you last eat? I already ate, but I Can make you something? What do you want me To say? Of course I love you. I made you dinner.

Leo (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

Never let me go. Let me be the light of your life. I will love you most. I will be the sun. Let me give you strength to face Your darkest, cold nights. But if you hurt me, I won’t forget. Neither will you. My rage will scorch you.

Cancer (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

I have spent years Curating the pieces of my world. This is my safe place. It may be small, But it is mine, and yours too, If you would like it. Don’t tell anyone. Keep it secret, keep it safe, and It will protect you, too.

Gemini (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

What I said was true. Yesterday, I loved you. But today, I don’t. Arms that held now bind I want to see what happens To balloons in flight. Let me go, my loved I will love you tomorrow But today, I fly.

Taurus (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

Stay here with me, love. I will wrap you in my arms. You will never want. You will be warm, fed, And you will know where home is. I made you a key. Hang it from your neck. I need to know that you will Always return here.

Aries (“Love in the Stars” Haiku Series)

Run fast enough so No one can touch you. Leave a Trail of flames, not tears. You will never love As much as I love, you won’t Leave before I can Be fast enough to Grab my hand. I’m so tired of Burning you away